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Contact Jim Ehnborn, DDC-L
: 206-658-7887
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District 13 is looking for an individual to head up the staff position of DSO-PB, District Staff Officer-Publications. This individual will be responsible for producing Buoy 13 Newsletter at least two times per year (more times would be better) and most important, vetting the division and flotillas in District 13’s newsletters. The other important matter is making sure we are promoting publications and newsletters in District 13!
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Posted On 01/05/2019

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Contact Debbie Kienle, DSO-HR
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ADSO-HR for Recruiting.

Keeps a record of number of membership referrals received, run a total # count by month & run a continuous total for each quarter.

Record dates referral's were sent & to which Division and Flotilla, making sure each division addressed, is notified.

Advise if new, potential recruit actively engages within the flotilla.

This will necessitate feedback from either the DCDR as a whole(if they satisfactorily covers each of his/her flotillas) or contacting the FC individually.

Keep an ongoing record for each flotilla including feedback as to what & how the applicant is doing.

The H - R Directorate should be kept advised, the % of how many referrals, have actually resulted in "New Membership Applications" being submitted, how many, have resulted in U.S. Coast Guard, Provisionary Membership's.

Need to be able to work closely with the DCDR &/or the FC.

A report for H -R Directorate is due the 25th of every month & submitted to the DSO-HR in time for the H - R Directorate Conference.
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Posted On 12/19/2017

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Contact Robert Megel
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The Auxiliary Food Service (AUXFS) program was established to allow specially trained Auxiliarists to relieve and/or assist Coast Guard Food Service Specialists (FSs) at shore stations, cutters, VIP events, etc. The program needs Auxiliarists who are willing to go the extra mile and make a difference.

The AUXFS certification process begins with 30 hours of basic food services training emphasizing food safety, sanitation, and basic food preparation. Classes are usually held at a shore side Coast Guard galley and taught by a certified AUXFS Instructors and/or CG Culinary Specialists. Following the initial training, the candidate has one year to accomplish the required Performance Qualification Standards (PQSs) and gain AUXFS certification.

If you have an interest in cooking as well as a desire to support the Active Duty Coast Guard, please give the AUXFS program some consideration.

For more information, please contact:
Dennis Wood, or (503) 580-8144

Next AUXFS Basic Class – March 8 thru 11, MSU Portland, OR

For additional information on the National Auxiliary website:

An informational AUXFS video is also available at

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Posted On 11/09/2016