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Contact David Larkin, DCOS
: 360-460-3766
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Responsibilities: In addition to the general duties of any staff Officer, the District Staff officer for Diversity is under the immediate supervision of theDDC-L and shall be assigned all responsibilities for matters relating to diversity management.


• Will ensure that the Strategic Plan for Managing Diversity is carried out and work to drive diversity throughout the District.

• Will compile, track and review all diversity statistical information for the District and report said information to the DCOS and be the contact for all information on the NACO 3 Star Award for Excellence in Diversity.

• Will be responsible for conducting and coordinating all District level training in the areas of Diversity.

• Will work with any and all District staff for outreach, recruiting and training in all areas served.

• Will submit highlights of diversity information and best practices to District members for use and implementation as a part of member recruitment.

• Will solicit information and pass along ideas up the chain and onto the Auxiliary Diversity Leadership Council.

• Will be a role model and leader in the creation of a comprehensive approach to behavior and attitude change for all leaders.

• Promote the Auxiliary University Program (AUP) in driving age and demographic diversity through the district, helping to educate leadership as to opportunities available through AUP, working with the AUP staff to identify and cultivate growth opportunities within the district, including college-level opportunities in Auxiliary diversity outreach efforts, and referring questions and opportunities for AUP growth to the AUP staff through the diversity leadership chain.
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