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Contact DSO-FS James Dickinson
: (425) 681-7917
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The Auxiliary Food Service (AUXFS) program was established to allow specially trained Auxiliarists to relieve and/or assist Coast Guard Food Service Specialists (FSs) at shore stations, cutters, VIP events, etc. The program needs Auxiliarists who are willing to go the extra mile and make a difference.

The AUXFS certification process begins with 18-22 hours of basic food services training emphasizing food safety, sanitation, and basic food preparation. Classes are usually held at a shoreside Coast Guard galley and taught by a certified AUXFS and/or unit FS. Following the initial training, the candidate has one year to accomplish the required Performance Qualification Standards (PQSs) and gain AUXFS certification.

If you have an interest in cooking as well as a desire to support the Active Duty Coast Guard, please give the AUXFS program some consideration. For more information, please contact DSO-FS James Dickinson at or (425) 681-7917. An informational AUXFS video is also available at

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