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Contact Information
Contact Henry D. Phillips III, DSO-MT
: 415-699-1732
More Information

Must be an Auxiliary member in good standing in the District 13 South area - Division 5, 6, or 7.
Must be IT qualified.
Must be familiar with the EZ Report System and have a reliable history of quality monthly postings.
MT staff officer experience preferred.

Assistant District Staff Officer for Member Training (ADSO-MT) - responsible for supporting and administering an organized plan of action to provide for Member Training in a specific region.

General Duties

1. Exercise leadership and staff responsibility over matters pertaining to the Member Training Program in your region.
a. Ensure the distribution of MT training methods, aids, course materials, and other educational tools provided by National and District.
b. Support and implement effective member training in your region to ensure a solid foundation for advancing into Auxiliary leadership and mission support functions.
c. Promote informal, online and classroom leadership development training for all members.
d. Encourage member attendance at C-Schools and other formal training courses offered to Auxiliarists.
e. Promote the advantages of advanced qualifications, such as the Operational Auxiliarist Program (AUXOP) designation, and Marine Safety Specialty, Recreation Boating Safety and Air/Surface Operations certifications.
f. Coordinate and cooperate with elected and appointed flotilla, division and district officers to increase the number and skills of qualified instructors.
2. Maintain frequent communications with all levels of the Member Training staff in order to implement MT programs and encourage maintenance of uniformly high standards.
3. Maintain familiarity with all applicable manuals, instructions and other guidance to ensure you remain informed of developments in the Member Training Program.
4. Immediate supervisory responsibility over your office is vested in the District Staff Officer for Member Training. Cooperate with and keep the DSO MT informed of all developments in the Member Training Program in your region.
5. Forward to the DSO MT such methods, training aids, course materials, or other educational tools developed within your region, which may have district wide or nationwide application.
6. Gather reports from the SO-MT’s, consolidate, and report monthly to the DSO MT about the progress and status of member training in your region of responsibility.
10. Perform other duties, as may be requested/assigned.
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